Breaker Breaker 1-9  

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Breaking news on the Jawbreaker fronts. The left front and right front, that is.

This is the story of one sad little Jawbreaker Cardigan in the making. The back is very pink and still is. The right front was very blue, the left front was very purple. This just will not do.

One skein has light blue tones (with pink.) This one is just too blue......

One skein has purple tones (with pink.) This one is just too purple......

Neither sad little skein can stand on its own. Just maybe together, they can survive.

They will become blurple (with pink.) Okay, this can be the fun funky look we can deal with as long as both fronts will match. The Jawbreaker lives on.

What more can any sad little Jawbreaker ask for? It just wants to be finished and worn. Let's call it casual, fun and funky, we will finish and we will move on!

In case you are wondering, YES, all skeins for this project came from the same bag. Separate they are not good but together they will work for the good of one Jawbreaker Cardigan.

By the way.... did I mention I ordered this to make another one! I need to knit on something a little more SOLID after this.

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