Snow Again?!  

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I really do not like the snow and it looks like the snow is starting to move in to downtown Denver, again. I have an office on the 29th floor at the SE end of the 16th Street Mall. The view is usually fantastic but when the snow comes in, it just is not fun to watch. I am sick of snow. In 2005 I bought a little sports car, a smurf blue Mazda RX8. DH really wanted it, I decided it was a pretty cute little car and could be a fun change. Zoom Zoom.

It started with some crazy talk about getting a motorcycle. I ended up "bribing" DH with the Mazda. He is happy, his "dream" was to get a motorcycle or a sports car, so with the car purchase talk of a motorcycle is no more. It is now a forbidden word in our house. The problem is I traded in my SUV and ended up driving the Mazda while he still gets to drive his 4x4 truck. Great idea, in June of 2005 with no snow in sight! At the time, I thought it would be okay, our winters aren't so bad. We get snow, it melts, no problem. Well, not true in the winter of 2006/2007. We have had more snow that we have had in 20 + years, pretty much and for a good while it did not melt. I am pretty sure this "change" in weather happened because we now own a sports car. Yes, we put snow tires on it but how much do snow tires help a car get around in snow deeper that its tires?

Finally got past December, past January, now here it is April 12th and it is going to snow again. aaaaargh! I thought I was free, but I was only being teased by the great sunshine we have had lately. We are expecting anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of snow. Help, I need an SUV. My friend who works at the Nissan dealership said to wait for summer so I can get a better deal. I don't need it in the summer, I need it now!

Oh well, I give, the plan is to wait for summer and stay home tomorrow and knit. The only thing snow is good for in my book is I get to sit by the fireplace and knit. Let it snow, let it snow but please be gone by Saturday, I have some fun plans, I will tell you about it later!

A few of us get together to knit on our lunch hour, unless we have something else going on. I have had something else going on for a couple of weeks now and I was feeling a bit cranky not being able to see my lunchtime knitting buddies. I finally got to knit at lunch today with two out of the four that are in the lunch hour knit gang, Kathy (who helped me with my "green" sweater also a part of the "funny" story, I will tell you about later) and Sharon were there. It was a blast as usual. Above picture contains me with three of the lunch knit gang, Kathy, Denise and Kris. (missing Sharon.) The picture was taken at String in Highlands Ranch when Debbie Bliss was in town. She was fabulous and we got to model her sweaters. We were hot stuff that day. From left to right is Diane, Kathy, Debbie Bliss (like I needed to tell you!), Denise, Kris, a regular from String and ME standing right next to Ms Bliss. What a great day this was. I discovered that I love her patterns, they fit well and Debbie B was just a kick with her quirky English humor. I think she liked me best.

Below is Betsy (my new friend from the BV retreat) modeling her fabulous Flaired Cable Jacket from the "Out of Town" Debbie Bliss book. I have some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Chocolate Brown to make this one for myself. I also purchased yarn to make a couple of other Debbie Bliss sweaters, more about that later!

Please oh please, no more snow in Denver, but only after my stay home knit day tomorrow!

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