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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am leaving the Lollicup in Arvada after a Tuesday night of knitting fun. It is fun to leave a place with more that you came with if it is yarn or bags; in this case BOTH!

What is in the brown paper bag you ask, well of course there is more Blackwater Abbey ("BWA") in Chestnut delivered by Judy P. Thank you Judy. This may very well become the Flying Dales Cardigan. See http://www.abbeyyarns.com/ for info on yarn and pattern. Great stuff. Don't worry Betsy, I will put it in a "real" bag before I bring it out again, you have shown me the way. (Funny story I'll tell you about it later.)
Do you also See my new pink paisley Temper Jackson Bag? Very cool. Nachaele delivered it from Colorful Yarns. Thank you Nachaele. (with the awesome haircut)
I met some new friends on a weekend knitting retreat in Buena Vista ("BV".) Since many of them belong to the Arvada Knitting Group I had to go check it out. It was great fun and I met even more new friends at the Lollicup. I loved seeing what everyone is working on and I can think of no better way to spend my time than drinking (of course only coffee and tea, whatever were you thinking) and knitting. The Lollicup is after all a cute little coffee shop. The knitting company was the best part. There was a pretty large group there and plenty of good conversation.
A few of us are making the Jawbreaker Cardigan out of the Patagonia cotton. It is a stylish, easy fast knit pattern that will be a great little summer throw on. I started mine at the BV retreat. This is the Jawbreaker 2 row cover up. Oh yea, doesn't cover up very well but maybe if you close your eyes ....Below is the "green" sweater in the making. This is the infamous Kerry Cardigan. It is a pattern written by Marilyn King that I am making out of BWA in the seafoam color. Judy P is hosting a KAL for this and she finished hers a while ago. Yes I am still working on it. It's a funny story, I'll tell you about it later. ... What I can tell you now is that thanks to Judy S a new friend from the BV retreat my Kerry will fit perfectly and I am motivated to finish it.Thank you Judy S and Sandy.

Here is Judy P at the BV retreat in her beautiful Kerry. I will finish. (this knitters famous last words.)
Thank you Judy for hosting the BV weekend and inviting me. I had a great time and met so many wonderful knitters. Thank you Nachaele for sharing your pictures until I get my camera loaded with batteries and remember to bring it.

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