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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am the proud parent of a United States Navy Sailor.

He recently received a Navy Achievement Medal(NAM) from an Admiral. If you want to click on the picture save it to your computer, blow it up and read the award you will see that it is pretty cool and quite personal. This is his 5th NAM but this particular award is quite special because it comes from an Admiral instead of a Captain. The difference is that Captains can give out as many NAMs as they want but Admirals may only give out three per year and there are only 24 active duty Admirals so right now so that is only72 NAMs that may be given out this year. My son was one of 72 sailors in all of the US Navy to receive an Admirals NAM.

The other part that is crazy is that he now has the second most NAMs on board, the only one with more is a Chief with 22 years in who has 7. My son has almost 9 years in and has been awarded 4 NAMs from Captains and 1 from the Admiral.

I am so very proud of you my son.

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