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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Top Ten Reasons I am a "Princess"

10. I drive a Mazda RX8 with license plates "MY ZM ZM"
9. I don't have wash the car or fill it up with gas
8. I will never use an outhouse or porta thingy
7. Roughing it is a nice B & B (Taharra Mountain Lodge in Estes Park)
6. I don't have to cook or do housework
5. I don't eat leftovers, I don't knit leftovers
4. My husband never questions my yarn purchases
3. My friend Patty calls me Princess
2. My husband treats me like a Princess
1. I really think I am a Princess

Well it is nice to think so anyway. I have is a wonderful husband that spoils me, I am a proud Navy mom of a great son, I have the best grandson, a wonderful new daughter-in-law, a stepson and his wife, their 2 kids, a stepdaughter and her two kids (yes that makes 5 grandkids), I have the cutest best little dog in the whole world, a great job, a great boss, wonderful friends and wonderful knitting friends. How can I not think I am a "Princess?"

Okay okay before you throw up, what you don't see is how very hard I have to work at being a Princess, I did my time I earned my way and that is all I have to say.....

except my computer at home is having some issues so this is all I have time for!

My Son, Grandson and Daughter-in-law when they were here in January.

My Daughter-in-law, Katie is visiting from Florida and knitting with me at Lollicup. Katie just put new color in my hair. DH said it is very "contrasty." I love it! I am no longer blonde. I now have dark hair with bright blonde highlights so I guess DH is right about it being contrasty.

Nachaele took this picture of the two of us. Pretty good for holding the camera up herself! I think my darker hair makes my eyes look brighter and bluer. I really like it.

Tuesday night knitting at Lollicup was fun as always. I made a couple of acquisitions from Judy's stash sale. I am very pleased and will show you later... you know after I fix my home computer.

Happy knitting.

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