The Yarn Room  

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I finally started to work on organizing my yarn & knitting books and supplies. Here is one shot of my yarn room. It is really bad and has gotten out of control recently. Keep in mind that this is not all of my knitting stuff. This is only one shot of the upstairs guest room. It is also the cleaned up version from when Katie (daughter-in-law) stayed with me and after I de-stashed some. See the doors on either side of the table? Well inside those doors are very large crawl spaces with several much larger bins of yarn. I have bags, baskets and books downstairs in almost every corner of the house. I also have a pile of knitting books and patterns downstairs in my walk-in closet. I have been known to purchase the same book more than once. It is time for me to take inventory, re-group, review and organize.

What a mess, I can't even really work in here or even find anything. I sometimes have to go through every plastic bin to find what I am looking for plus I so easily forget what I already have, causing me to buy more yarn and stuff! Yea that's it, really.

This mess will be organized into a great yarn room soon. I ordered a new Alvin Craftmaster Hobby Station in white from to replace the utility table and three multi-bin organizers from I also bought new three ring binder to store my patterns. Right now I have so many patterns in one huge binder (see it on the table) that I can't even get them out. They don't all fit in there which is why they are all over the table.

Stay tuned, this little mess will get cleaned up and you will be jealous!

How can I resist showing you this lovely picture. Katie our favorite Barista at Knit Knack is all dressed up with no where to go. Thank goodness! She has my red with turquoise beaded shawl on with a very lovely fair isle ski hat and a large green felted bag. What a beautiful model (just maybe not with everything on all at once, eh)

We love you Katie!

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