1st Semi-Annual Downtown Knitters Luncheon  

Monday, May 7, 2007

Today the Downtown Knitters had their first semi-annual luncheon at Maggiano's Italian Restaurant located in the Denver Pavilions at 16th & Tremont. This is how great traditions get started.

We wined, okay it was iced tea but it was really good iced tea. It was lunch, what do you expect. We dined on some very fine Italian Cuisine. We laughed, a lot. We knit. We took a long lunch so we could have extra good fun. We intend to start this tradition and have this event twice a year. The lunch hour group has been knitting together for over two years and we have become good friends who share knitting time and life stories.

Who was there?

Me of Course. Be sure to get a good look at the fine surroundings.

Kris. Again look at those wonderful cozy surroundings.
Denise. Notice those nice fancy checkered tablecloths? We dined in style.
We sure had a great time. Knitting; Eating; Drinking; Laughing.
Who was not able to attend? mmmm....... let me think...... who else is in the group?????
Why it is Kathy and Sharon aka CBs. Why weren't they at the luncheon event?? Because they are the CBs (cruise bitches.) The two of them decided to go on this little sea socks cruise and they just didn't make it back in time for our "event." I am so sorry. That is just too bad. Oh, so sad. We really missed you both and I sure hope you all can schedule your time better and make it to the 2nd Semi-Annual Luncheon. We will surely be talking about this one for months.

Look at them sporting their new Judith Leiber frames they bought just before they left on this little cruise.


Welcome back guys, I can't wait to hear about your travels and we can tell you all about the luncheon event you missed.

On that note I do want to congratulate Kathy! (http://mountainpurl.blogspot.com) She is now also known as the COBB! The Colorado Bar Bitch, of course. She passed the Colorado Bar the first time around. Congratulations Kathy.

Don't forget the yarn that you owe me. Why does she owe me yarn, when she is the one who passed the test, you ask? Long story short, she is already an Attorney, but she was only licenced to practice Law in California. I have known her a couple of years so I know this woman has a photographic memory and is extremely bright. In addition, she juggles a 50 hour a week job, a husband, two small kids and is quite an accomplished knitter, among other things. There is nothing she can't do well. So, in the beginning, when she said she was going to study for the CO Bar, I had the utmost confidence that she would pass the first time with flying colors. With all that she has on her plate, a little bit of self doubt was in her mind, so we made a bet. The bet is if she passes the first time around, she owes me some kind of really great sock yarn, and if she did not pass I would owe her the yarn. I knew she would pass all along so shouldn't I be rewarded for having undying confidence in my friend. She is one of the best.

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2 comments: to “ 1st Semi-Annual Downtown Knitters Luncheon

  • Anonymous
    May 8, 2007 at 7:49 AM  

    What a fun event!! Love the pictures and that restuarant!! I may join you guys next time!

    Looking forward to tonight! :)

  • Cathy R
    May 8, 2007 at 8:26 AM  

    Knitting and Italian food.

    Dangerous combination - do you eat your spaghetti or knit it?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    (Looks like a great time was had by all...)