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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Kathy is back and glad to be home. Being on a ship is not for everyone, the problem is that you don't know if you can handle it or not until you give it a go. Being sea sick does not make for having the best of times. There was some knitting and some shopping but being back on land is a good thing. We will hear more about her travels later.
I am glad she is back. I have not heard from Sharon yet but it sounds like she may be a bit under the weather since she returned. Hopefully she will be back soon.

We did get to hear a bit about some fine yarn purchases. This yarn is fabulous. It shines and feels wonderful. Kathy will turn this into a beautiful shawl.
Denise, Kris and I were all the happy recipients of some wonderful cruise presents. Very unexpected but oh so nice. Kathy is absolutely the Cruise Goddess and we now all feel special even if we didn't get to go on the cruise.
Denise got some beautiful peach sock yarn from Fleece Artist.

Kris got a beautiful colorful skein of Fleece Artist.

I received the most beautiful skeins of Claudia's Hand Painted in the color called Purple Earth. It may look a bit blue in the picture but it is the most beautiful shades of purples with a bit of gold and browns mixed in. Awesome. I am so starting some some special socks tomorrow, or as soon as I have a free needle or two. I love this yarn! THANK YOU KATHY.


Then I did receive the "bet." Yes, I get a present for Kathy passing the Colorado Bar. We bet some yarn but she upped the stakes and I got something even better. This is why you should always support your friends and bet for them, never against them. She worked hard, passed her test and .....

I got some beautiful PURPLE/LAVENDAR stitch markers. But...... they are not just stitch markers....... they are also on a beautiful silver chain that you wear as a necklace. So totally awesome. I really love this.

Thank you Kathy. I am only a Princess but YOU are a Goddess!

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