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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sea Socks Cruise Goddess No. 2 is back! Here is Sharon working on her first sock ever. I believe it is going well because it has been rumoured that during the cruise yarn shop stops Sharon managed to purchase yarn for around 50 pairs of sock. I believe the girl had fun.
She even brought me back some sock yarn, in my colors. THANK YOU Sharon and welcome back you Cruise Goddess!

Tuesday night knitting at Knit Knacks in Arvada proved to be fun and tasty. Leah made me a birthday cake. A chocolate birthday cake. I love chocolate. What a nice thing to do. We all had some and it was delicious. thank you Leah. Here she is with her toe up sock. I think she likes it!

It is a small world. when we were getting our purchases together so the shop could close, I met someone I went to High School with. Here is me with Colleen. I am glad she recognized me and came over to talk. She is just getting started knitting and was taking a class in the front of the shop. I wish her only good knitting experiences and I hope I get to see her again. I never meet anyone I knew from High School even though I really don't live far from where I grew up. I love it that I did. YEA!! Yes I am really that short. I have not grown any since 5th grade. I am still waiting for my growth spurt! She looks fantastic.

The return of the Jawbreaker .....

You remember..... the one I started the weekend I was in Buena Vista, my first Jawbreaker. It had some color issues. The back is very pink, one front was very blue and the other front had more of a purple cast to it. So, I ripped both fronts and I knit them again using alternating both skeins so the colors would be mixed. That worked great, I just don't like doing it that way. All well and good but then I finished the 2nd front and realized I had done mindless knitting and not done the increases. The increases in the front are an integral part of the design so I ripped and did that front over. Will this easy cardigan ever be done? I finished one sleeve and then the other. However the 2nd sleeve was bigger that the first. I then proceeded to rip that one and re-did the 2nd sleeve. Then I knit the collar and was not going to have enough yarn so I changed it a bit. There is no way at this point I was going to break into another skein. I just wanted to finish and move on already.

You are probably wondering how it happened that I knit one sleeve bigger than the other. Well silly me, I forgot what size sleeve I was using for the sleeves. Let me tell you that my MO is to piece pattern sizes together to get a better fit for me. I have smaller shoulders, larger (you know) and no hips so I am never just one pattern size. That is all fine except that I am also notorious for not writing down what size I am doing for each piece. I think I can remember. HA. That then equates to disaster. When will I ever learn, just write it down! It is easy to do; I even carry stickies in my knitting bag. I will learn and I will turn over a new leaf today!

After all that I have a completed Jawbreaker and it looks great except again I did not follow instructions or double check my gauge to make pattern adjustments once I got started and me a tight knitter went down a needle size. Know what that means.... too small for me. Nachaele modeled my Jawbreaker and it fit her perfectly and she likes the colors so here you go Nachaele.... I hope you enjoy, it looks great on you. (It was an accident her head is framed in the picture on the wall but how cool!)

So what did I do? I started another one, of course! In a more solid color, with only slight dye variations. There is something fun and addicting about this pattern. It knits up fast and easy (providing you follow directions) and looks great. I learned from my mistakes. I went up a needle size to get the right gauge, I am writing down my sizes, I am even counting my rows! I love this color, it is called burgundy but it is so much prettier that a regular burgundy, it has a lot of purple and I love it. This one will knit up perfectly. This one will be mine!

I also purchased some yarn at Knit Knacks for a baby blanket, more about this later.....
Happy Knitting to all and remember make notes.

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1 comments: to “ Knits and Bits

  • Anonymous
    May 12, 2007 at 2:38 PM  

    I am so lucky to be the recipiant of your beautiful Jawbreaker! I am blocking it today. I will probably be wearing it on Tuesday night! Oh ya, you won't be there, I will wait until next Saturday to wear it then!

    Thanks again, my friend! :)