Tunnel Vision  

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last week while in Houston with my boss Linda, working... she mentioned that her 89 year old mother asked her to bring her some post cards of the tunnels. In case you don't know, In downtown Houston there are underground tunnels. There is about a five mile loop. You can go down in the tunnels to get around town without having to go out in the heat and humidity. We had a bout a 2 block walk through the tunnel to get from the hotel to the office. There are a few shops and restaurants down there. We stopped for breakfast at a place in the tunnel on the way to the office. But you see it is just an underground tunnel. There are no post cards. It is a tunnel folks and no more. It is not on any sight seeing tours. IT IS A TUNNEL. So I had a camera and took pictures for Linda's mother. I hope she will enjoy them. The Houston residents did wonder who the crazy lady with the camera in the tunnel was. So, if you live in Houston and saw me, now you know!

The escalator going up and down to the tunnel.

Linda in the tunnel.

It is just a tunnel.

There are signs that tell you where you are.

There are maps to show you where you are.

It is just a tunnel!

But it is pretty cool. I used it!

What else did I do in Houston? Well, by day we were mild mannered hard working blokes, by night we turned into wild and crazy KNITTERS of course!

Linda is making a baby blanket for her future 1st ever grandchild (it's a girl!) She is a prolific crocheter and a self taught knitter who kinda does her own version of the continental style of knitting. I am teaching her to throw with her right hand for this blanket. I am usually a continental knitter, however I first learned to throw and do switch off once in a while, depending on the pattern. I find it very helpful to know both styles.

I have a pair of socks!
I used the Socks that Rock, lightweight in the Lucy colorway. I used a Turkish toe cast on and picked a six stitch slipped stitch ribbed pattern from the book Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I love them and they fit perfectly. I know the pictures aren't great so I will try to get better ones tomorrow.

The color "Lucy" STR was originally made for Wendy's cat Lucy but I think I need to get my little princess Dina a baby blue collar and wallah I think these can be "Dina" socks!
What do ya think about that!!!
Well apparently not much.

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