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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sometimes I get bored and just like to change up the look of my blog and play around with the templates and colors. My knowledge of this stuff is so very limited and I keep trying to figure it all out. I want to taking a web design class just because I think it would be fun and I would enjoy learning more about it. On the other hand it would take away from my knitting time so for now I found this template by Laughing Lion Design and just changed the font colors a bit. Be sure to put your vote in and tell me what you think.

I am patiently waiting for word that my Sockapalooza Four pal received her socks and I still have my fingers crossed that she likes them and that they will fit.

In addition, I am still waiting to receive my socks from my sock pal and right now I am starting to get pretty excited. I have not participated in any kind of knitting exchange before and now I am really looking forward to seeing what my sock pal cooked up for me. I know she has been working on them and they may get mailed out today. She was thoughtful enough to let me know the status of her gift for me. She is Mrs. Myterioso, somebody, somewhere. I found her creativity for setting up an e-mail account like that so absolutely brilliant that I can be sure my socks will be wonderful. No one has ever knitted me anything before so my anticipation and excitement is growing daily. Only another knitter can really know what goes into knitting for someone else, how much thought and effort is involved so from one knitter to another, I know I will truly appreciate my socks.

Remember this???

The Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style that I started with this yarn ...

Tonalita by Trendsetter?

Well good, then stay tuned for more knit news; I have much stash enhancement, project news, project dumps, organizational and knitting news to tell you about later. I am just not feeling well at the moment, so hopefully I will be up to show and tell tomorrow.

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