Oh No  

Friday, August 10, 2007

I am at it again. I won't say why really except to mention my hip is out, my back is hurting and I haven't been feeling well, it hurts to walk so here I sit with heating pads on my back and ice on my hip. I get bored.

I think this template has more zip. Okay, a lot of zip. Maybe too much zip but I didn't really like not being able to see all of the title on the other template and it was slightly bland for my taste.

Now tell me what you really think.

Up next is some real gnarly knitting content, so reader BEWARE.

While cruising away, knitting my Lady Eleanor from the book Scarf Style with the Tonalita yarn by Trendsetter, someting happened and I snapped. I started with a just bit cussing and then I progressed to some real live yarn bashing. After that things got sort of out of control and finally more than 1/2 of a skein of a tangled mess got thrown in the garbage. After that, I took the whole thing back into the store. I needed to cut my losses and move on and so I exchanged the remaining balls (10) for a more well behaved yarn that I could make the Lady Eleanor with. In that one skein of yarn, there were more than 7 knots ( I was not quite to 1/2) and in one section the yarn just kept tearing apart. That was it and I had enough. No more, it's gone , life goes on, S**t happens. The Tonalita is gone and I am now once again a calm, happy knitter, I am fine and I have moved on.

I am allergic to Noro Silk Garden. Last time I used it my hands broke out in a terrible rash that only recently healed. I do okay with Noro Kureyon so I bought this ... 15 skeins to be exact.

It is color 164. Yea that means a lot, huh. It has some teal, green brown, tan and will make a very pretty Lady Eleanor Shawl. I am happy now. I might have called this color Autumn Frost. They are warm rich colors with just a touch of a cool teal blue.

Lady Eleanor is to be, after all.

Lucky me, when this one is finished!

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