The Hurrier I go the Behinder I get  

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Do you ever feel like that? Right now I do. You know it's like running a marathon only not going anywhere, just running in place. I am getting a great workout but the scenery stays the same and I can't seem to get any closer to the finish line. I still have 16 rows plus 1" of ribbing to go on the second sock. Mmmm... sounds just the same as yesterday and I have been knitting on them, a lot! Why is this? You so innocently ask.

Well I did finish the first sock for my sockapalooza pal in record time but the second sock seems to be a bit of a stubborn bugger. The saga starts with me dropping a stitch. I tinked back a few rows to get it picked up. I have yarn overs and k2tog's to deal with so I just took it back and did it over. Okay cool no problem. I knitted some more. Then, I didn't like the way a particular stitch looked so I took it back again. This is starting to get old. I knitted some more. Then I didn't like the way the yarn was pooling different than the other sock (which means my tension is off) so I checked it out with the first sock and yes, my assumption was correct my tension was a bit looser for a short while, so I took it down to just above the ankle to get it right. After all, the Purple Princess is a very picky knitter especially when it is for someone else. Picky to my own detriment, possibly? ..... NO, hear me now sock, I am your boss sock and I will win!

Today is the is the day I will not only finish these socks at any cost, but I will finish them perfectly. I will do whatever it takes. It is my Friday so if I have to stay up all night to get the sock right and finished, that is what I will do. I want my sock pal to like them.

According to Allison, these socks must be mailed out between August 1st and August 7th, they should arrive on August 8th, 9th or 10th. Today is August 2nd. I have my timing down, DH works for the US Postal Service and says it is 3 days to where they are going so if I mail them on the 4th they should arrive exactly on time. So my agenda is finish today, wash today, they will be dry the next day and away they go! Whew!

Oh the Lunasea of it all. Here is a sneak peak at the finished sock.

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