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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I had lunch last Thursday with my friend Kathy. It was fun, once we hooked up. I need to make a note to always carry my phone with me when I make plans with Kathy. Something always happens, we get our wires crossed and end up waiting for each other on different street corners! We finally hooked up, after I went back to the office to grab my phone!

Anyway, we did not get much knitting done, Kathy showed me her acquisitions from Talbots and I showed her my Lady Eleanor.

My Lady Eleanor looked liked this before lunch.

Then based on Kathy's advice, we ripped. After lunch it looked like this.

Now it looks like this.

Do you see the difference. The blob of green in the middle is gone.

I had decided to knit this totally random, however the Noro came out of the skein. Yes, that is what I was going to do but it's Noro and one cannot really be totally random with self striping Noro, you know, the Noro that is never wound in the right order and the Noro where the colors never start in the same place. Yes, that Noro. That kind of random thinking ended up with me having a blob of green right in the middle of My Lady Eleanor. I have since been shown the light and changed my ways. The blob of green in the before picture bothered me at the time it happened, but I left it thinking it will be okay in the big scheme of things. Then, of course Kathy so very tactfully pointed out the blob of green and ever so innocently made the comment, "if it was mine, I would rip it" Of course at that moment, I knew what had to be done. The light came on and I started ripping it right then and there, with Kathy's help, of course. Thank you Kathy. (I think!)

I know some people wouldn't like ripping that much but when you spend a lot of money and put a lot of time into your knitting you should fix things that bother you. Of course if I would have fixed it the first time it bothered me way back when the blob of green first appeared, I would not have ripped so much. Another great knitting lesson learned.

So see the new poll and place your votes. Do you like Lady Eleanor before my lunch with a friend or after?

Also in reponse to the comment left by my precious little Dina here, yes Little Princess loves the Lady Eleanor and yes it is a lovely color for her ......

But this Lady Eleanor is going to be for Purple Princess's Grandma! It's going to be hard to get the Little Princess to give this one up but if she does then just maybe the Little Princess will be able to get her own Lady Eleanor made with the leftovers!

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