It's Monkey Love  

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Look what I received from my Sockapalooza Four pal ....


It's a most wonderful package that includes a pair of my very own Monkey socks. I LOVE them, I love the color, I love the pattern and best of all they fit perfectly. I also received a skein of Trekking XXL in another beautiful color and the book Knitting Under the Influence with a very nice note. I love to read so the book is great, I started it this morning and so far so good. I think I might make me another pair of Monkey's with the yarn. The socks are really cute and the pattern looks fun. I wear my blue jeans a lot so the socks and the yarn both are great colors to wear with jeans.

Thank you so very much Steph. Don't pay attention to my wonky looking feet, (trust me it is my feet) but I want to show you just how well these socks fit. You did such a wonderful job. Thank you, thank you. They are just perfect.

What a wonderful experience I had with the Sockapalooza Four, I am very pleased. In addition, these are the first items that anyone has ever knit for me so they are very special socks and I will treasure them always, I cannot thank you enough, Steph. I loved getting this package.

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