One Day at a Time  

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have been busy, busy, busy. I am over obligated at the moment and am just taking things one day at a time in order to fulfill all of my current obligations. I will not over schedule myself ever again! I am completely overwhelmed and on auto pilot this week.

I am training a new employee, new to even the Oil and Gas Industry so that means in depth training at my full time more than 40 hour a week job. With the training time I give, there is no time get my work done so I have been working through lunch hour. I then stay late on Thursday, the one night a week I am not running off to to anything else. I miss my lunch knitting group. I am teaching a knitting class on Tuesday's, a different knitting class on Saturday's, which is great, I love to help people with their knitting, however we all know the 2 hour knitting class is not just 2 hours. There's travel time and people time before and after class. I bowl on Wednesdays. I am not thrilled about this but it is the one thing a week I do with DH. I also have to work in getting my allergy shots on Mondays and Fridays. Then, my weekends are scheduled to do style seminars, see grand kids, try to have knitting time, grocery shopping, organizing time, cleaning the house time, pay bill time and right now I feel all used up. I have not had a "day" to myself in a while.

I am looking forward to the long weekend coming up. I have Friday and Monday off, from my full time job anyway. I am still working at Knit Knack on Friday. Oh yea, I am teaching a class on Saturday but the rest of the time I want to just stay home, sleep a lot, clean and organize my house. I am also looking forward to a trip to Florida in mid September (but I have to work to get ready) and I will go to a knitting retreat at the end of October. Around then my teaching obligations will be completing and after that I will only teach one class at a time, but not again until January or after so I can have some downtime to selfishly knit for me. No one gets knitting from me this Christmas! Well, maybe some blankets for the kids but that's it!

Okay enough ranting and raving. I feel better already.

Look what came in the mail day before yesterday. Something to cheer me up that's for sure!

You got it the new Socks That Rock club package. I love the colors, I even think the pattern is very cute. You knit the lace cuff first and then pick up stitches and knit the foot.

Here is some Knit Knack people news!

Kay is working on the Noro Shrug. I love the colors. I know it looks like a big long rectangle now but just wait, it is really a cute shrug when put together.

Christie is making good progress on her beaded shawl. Pretty awesome for her first lace project and first knitting with beads project. I can't wait to see this one all finished.

Claudia finsihed her beaded shawl. Beautifully done, I might add.

Then I could not get a good picture of her tattoo but check this out for now. I really like it and want one.

Interesting news is, DH who hates tattoos said he could draw me a better one. I think that means I can get one if he draws it for me. What do you think??

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