Got my Colors, What Now  

Monday, June 25, 2007

I received my new color swatches and as you know I immediately started cleaning out my closets. I skipped over the why fors and the how tos and now I gotta keep it in the dl. (I just heard it from our summer student yesterday) I had never heard it before but it means on the down low, and what that means is anyones guess. Anyway....

After Cynthia put together swatches of my hair color, skin color, eyes, natural blush and freckles, she then went through 2000 plus color swatches in order to pull out my best colors. She came up with these colors that represent me ...

These are the colors that go best with "me" ...I love these colors! These colors describe "me" as slightly warm, radiant and energized. Floral is possibly another word but we left that off the new swatches since it was on my old colors and they were lighter and more of what I think of when I say floral.

So how does one use these swatches and all this information, you ask? Even if you didn't ask I will tell anyway. The colors are not necessarily used individually, they are used as a whole to ensure that one will look their best. I can match any one color to an outfit or article of clothing, however I must also ask myself , will I look slightly warm, radiant and energized. I have some "cool" blues and pinks in my pallet but if the outfit I choose is all "cool" colors, it would not match me since I am slightly warm. The looking radiant and energized comes in when I add to the "cool" colors something in the warm tones to give me that overall look. When I wear the correct colors in the correct combinations I will look slightly warm, radiant and energized. For example ....

I am making a top with this blue yarn ...

It is a very cool blue. It is the lightest color of blue that I can possibly wear. It will look great with a pair of jeans. (I actually have not yet divulged what this will be, but it is a way cool cabley top, more about that later) This will only work with me if I pick one of my medium tone, warm colors to wear under the top to pull it together as an outfit with my jeans. My warm browns and teals will be perfect for warming this one up.

When I cleaned out my closets, I fanned my color swatch and held it up next to the item so I could look at each item next to the colors as a whole. Some obvious mistakes I had made in clothing were the light bright greens and the true cool reds.

I have started working through my yarn. This is much harder than going through my clothes because the clothes are already made up and you know what they are and with the yarn, it will depend on what it will be. It could work even if it doesn't perfectly match any one color, as long as it doesn't clash with me.

I received the new Socks that Rock and the new pattern, The Solstice Slip.

I love the colors, I even love the pattern. How does this yarn look with me?

LOVE IT. LOVE IT, LOVE IT and I think it looks great! There is an orange in the yarn that I do not have on my swatches, but when you look at this yarn as a whole it looks really great with me. It is slightly warm, radiant and energized! What a great yarn.

This is the Noro Silk Garden that I had started the Lady Eleanor with. Too bad I am allergic to the yarn because the colors are wonderful.

This is the Patagonia cotton in a lavender color for a Jawbreaker. This is not a good color and matches nothing. I will trading this in for a better color.

This is the Debbie Bliss Rialto yarn that I traded for the Eggplant color in the same yarn. This color is awesome for me and will become the new Isabella.

I know this is crazy but I really think I will enjoy my knitting so much more by paying attention to what colors look best on me.

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6 comments: to “ Got my Colors, What Now

  • Joanne
    June 26, 2007 at 9:25 PM  

    I love the new STR color!

    I'm slowly but surely getting caught up on blog reading, and looking forward to reading about getting your colors done. I'll have to do that someday.

    But in the meantime... I need to go and fondle some yarn!

  • Cathy R
    June 27, 2007 at 7:58 AM  

    I can imagine that blue cable-y top over a chocolate brown shirt. What an interesting color combination and I can see how it would look great on you.

    This is really interesting to watch how this process all works together.

    (just don't tell my mom... hee hee)

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