It's Been a Bit Rough  

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I received my new color pallet. I love my colors. Stay tuned for show and tell. I am just too exhausted to get my "color" pictures posted today. There is the good and the bad that goes along with having your colors done.

The good; I have been busy cleaning closets, yes, closets. I am weeding out items that are absolutely not my color or style, keeping only a few questionable items for later review.

The bad; I will not have very many summer clothes left after this. I owned a lot of pastels, bright & lime greens and the wrong reds. I have made so many mistakes that I need to right.

The good; Good Will Industries will receive some very nice clothes, some with tags still on them. Obviously they were not right for me or I would have worn them already. Some have only been worn once or twice.

The bad; I have to buy more clothes.

The good; I have to buy more clothes.

It is pretty rough because I have not been much paying attention to what looks best on me, I have been buying what I see and like whether it was good for me or not! More about his later. This is hard work and I am tired. Also, it is draining because there are things I like that I need to part with and I am finding that to be a bit difficult. My motivation is seeing the difference in myself.

Next I will be going through my YARN!! This could be interesting and will take a lot longer than one weekend. I have already ripped this ...

and returned this ...

The bad; this process may cut deeply into my wonderful yarn stash!

The good; I get to build a new wonderful yarn stash!

I started working on this
The Lady Eleanor Stole in Scarf Style.

I started it with Noro Silk Garden colorway 246. After one day of using the yarn my hands were a mess. I have never used Silk Garden before and I found out the hard way that I am allergic to it. My hands developed a new break out of tiny blisters that cracked and oozed. Yes, it was very gross and painful. I am allergic to many metals so Cathy R. suggested that it could have been the metals used in the dyes. No matter, I am not using this yarn. I ripped it out and went back to the drawing board.

My friend Kathy is using Trendsetter Tonalita for this project. So I picked some out and yes, I do believe this will work even better than the Silk Garden. It is so soft and beautiful. Best of all I do not seem to be allergic. Thank you Kathy.

I picked this color.

Ocean and Sky Blues #2352.

I also started my Montego Bay Scarf with my Hand Maiden Sea Silk in amethyst that I received as a git from Nachaele.

It is softer than butter and melts in your hands! It is so nice to work with since my hands hurt from using the Silk Garden. Nachaele was kind enough to cut me 24 pieces of fringe while she was cutting hers. Thank you Nachaele.

I also heard through the grapevine that my kit for this has been shipped. I am waiting, looking, wondering and anticipating its arrival!!!


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