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Monday, June 4, 2007

Don't ya just love BonJovi? I do. What's that got to do with knitting? Absolutely nothing, I just heard that song on the way in to work this morning (okay I play the same CD every morning on the way in to work) and this morning that song just got stuck in my head. Maybe it is because I kept playing it over and over, but maybe not. Maybe I am just happy today.

It is a long story but for months I have been getting sick every time I eat. I have changed my diet several times, tried to eat "healthy"and still I kept getting sicker and sicker. Plus I gained 25 lbs in six months while trying to eat a "healthy" vegetarian diet. Finally after a more that a year or so, I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. Why does this make me happy you ask? Well there is a finally a diagnosis, finally a name is given to my problem and that I can live with. The worst part is not knowing what is wrong and having to live with it everyday. All I have to do is not eat wheat gluten and possibly cut down on dairy products. That sounded so impossible at first. Especially since for the last few months I have been eating a "healthy" vegetarian diet consisting of mostly whole grains, dairy etc. I was a bit shocked at first but now I know I can live with it. Wheat gluten is in so many things, it is not a matter of just giving up whole wheat bread, like my DH first thought. It involves major label reading and giving up all of my favorite foods, tortillas, bagels, pizza, soy sauce even Cambell's tomato soup, the list is long. I have much research to do. Bottom line is that for two days I have not eaten any food containing gluten and for two days I have not been sick. I even lost two pounds in two days. I already feel better. I have hope now and I am just so happy!

On the knitting front. Last week when I went to knit with my lunchtime knitting group (we really must come up with a better name) at "Paradise" and I received the most beautiful skein of Lucy Neatby's Celestial yarn from Kathy for a birthday present. What a wonderful surprise, it really made my day. Thank you! I love it! I love it! I love it!
Kathy also brought in some yarn from her stash that she is willing to part with. See her blog for details. Her yarn stash is awesome. She travels frequently and gets to shop in yarn stores around the country, so she has a special yarn in her stash. Her stash is so huge you could spend the day in her home, in her yarn room, shopping, browsing, having fun and finding some of the best yarn ever. Kathy has such a good eye for nice, unique and quality yarn. I love it the yarn she brought in and yes I picked up a couple of cool yarns from her. More about what I bought from Kathy's stash later..... I am still drooling.

Here is Kathy with her "Gator" yarn. The yarn is Glacier from Cider Moon that I bought from the Loopy Ewe. It is a 100% superwash merino wool in the color "Grand Canyon" Kathy is originally from Florida and a huge Gator fan. She mentioned that the yarn was in her Gator colors (not something I noticed) so of course I had to give her this yarn as a congratulations for passing the Colorado Bar. I think she likes it.

Meanwhile, I purchased some beautiful Debbie Bliss Stella yarn from Knit Knack. The color is called aqua but I would call it a beautiful light silvery blue. It is 60% silk, 20% rayon and 20% cotton. I think it will make a great sweater. It is knitting up pretty nice!
Yes indeed it will become a very cool cabley sweater!On the bag front. Here is my cool new Offhand Designs Zhivago bag. I pre-ordered this in January from Dream Weavers Yarns.
I love it.

My mother gave me this great leather tote for my birthday. She said "you know you don't have to put yarn in it" YEA RIGHT!
Nachaele picked this bag up for me at Ace Hardware a while back. It was on sale for $9.99. What a great find.
I have filled up every bag with yarn and yarn things!

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