The Lunacy or Lunasea of it All  

Friday, June 1, 2007

I joined Sockapalooza Four. Yes indeed. Check here for more details. I have not done this before and so I thought it would be fun. It is already fun, the fun part has been stalking my pal's blog to find out more about her. Then there are the decisions to be made on yarn and what pattern to use. Yes it is fun, yes I am a nervous wreck. I want to find the perfect yarn and the perfect pattern so it it goes as I drive myself a bit nuts while embarking on this quest.

My sock pal had a specific requests for colors along with a vague request on the style of socks that she would like. I searched high and low for the perfect yarn that would fill this request. I have come up with this ...

Lunasea. It is beautiful colorway that fits my pal's request and I figure you really can't go wrong with Socks that Rock. at least I hope my sock pal will agree.
I am on a mission is to find the perfect sock pattern. I searched through all of mine. I love this book, but my old book is just not good enough for my pal.
My sock pal deserves something special, she deserves my best efforts, so I bought this new book. It is another brilliant book by Charlene Schurch. Totally awesome, actually. In this book I think I have found the perfect stitch pattern to make my pal a very special pair of socks, one that fits her request. A pair of socks knitted espeicially for her. I am going to come up with the perfect pair of socks, a unique pair of socks, a pair one that no one else has thought of, one that my pal will love. I will also include a little special bonus. I will share what that bonus is with you later. I am not about to give away too much and inavertently give away clues as to who my sock pal is. I want to totally surprise her. All I can say is it will be special. At least that is my plan, more on this later.

Meanwhile, who got me as their sock pal? I would like to know. I stalk the list of paloozers at random to see what everyone is doing and in hopes that one little comment on one little random blog will lead me to the "clue." You know the clue that will lead me to my pal. So far no luck just having fun browsing.

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