Purple is a State of Mind  

Thursday, June 28, 2007

You may have noticed already but I do not have a lot of purple in my color fan. I have one selection of beautiful shades of red/purple. So really, where is all the purple? That was pretty hard for the Purple Princess to take at first. I mean how could I not have a full pallet of all shades of purple? Should I become the Brown Princess? How about the warm coral Red Princess? Maybe even the Teal, Blue Green Princess. No none of those will do at all. How can the Purple Princess be the Purple Princess without purple? What a dilemma. Threw me off balance for a bit but I have come to grips with the irony of it all. I can and will continue to enjoy the color purple from afar and the Purple Princess will remain the Purple Princess. Purple is universally known as a royal color and after all I am a Princess. I just won't be wearing purple. I will be thinking purple. After all Purple is just a state of mind.What of the rainbow Kauni Cardigan? I have been looking at this

and this

and this

Is it me? Mmmmm... I am having a hard time with this. I don't think it really is me but the blues and some of the reds in the yarn are good. It is slightly warm to warm. This is really, really tough because I absolutely love the yarn and want to make the cardigan but is it really me???? I think there are some other colorways of the Kauni yarn that would be better for me. So do I sell this yarn and just get a new colorway? Do I make this one anyway? Such are the dilemmas that I have and this one is agonizing! Maybe, just maybe because I like it so much, there is a way to make this work. I will let you know.

This is my mother in the Burgundy Jawbreaker I made out of the Patagonia cotton. It fits her perfectly.

But is it her color???? (Yes, I made my own mother get her colors done also.)

Not really... her colors are much lighter than mine so I have been a bad daughter. I make my own mother wear everything not right for me. Bad daughter.

Her she is in the entrelac vest I made out of Noro Kureyon color #102. Good fit on mom but colorwise ...???? Not the worst but certainly not the very best, however, she can pull this one off better than I can. She needs to wear it with blue or black. My mom's colors don't show up real well in the pictures but she does have a light yellow, light orange and various pinks. Interesting thing is that she does have a black and I don't. The original pattern for this vest was so bad and I had to change it so much so that I ended up just typing up my own pattern. It fits my mother perfectly!

Nachaele you would like this pattern, see all the double seed stitch?

Sorry mom, I will try to turn over a new leaf and do better to make you stuff in your colors also. Okay I will try to even knit things picked out especially for you.

Kathy, quit laughing so loud, I can hear you!

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2 comments: to “ Purple is a State of Mind

  • Kathy
    June 28, 2007 at 1:28 PM  

    Bad girl, not only does she get the cast offs but in the wrong colors! I am laughing. Don't I have more pruples than you? I may just have to be Queen!

  • Joanne
    July 2, 2007 at 11:11 AM  

    I say make the Kauni in the rainbow colors anyway. Since it's a rainbow...every color is represented and some will be yours. Besides, it looks different when it's knit up than in the skein.

    Where did you get your colors done?